The Company has set up a modern jute yarn and twine manufacturing plant of 700 spindles on 3.12 acres of land at BSCIC Industrial Estate, Kumargara, Kushtia with the production capacity of 1982.00 M Tons based on three shifts per day of 8 hours each during a year of 300 working days, at a cost of Tk.6.01,16,572 as on 30-06-1984. The machinery and equipment for the project have been imported from the United Kingdom, Germany and Pakistan out of foreign currency loan equivalent to Tk.364.15 lacs provided by Bangladesh Shilpa Bank. The project went into commercial production on 25th April, 1984.
Subsequently, the mill has been expanded by installing an additional 560 spindles.
The machinery of expansion unit (Unit No.2) are of James Mackie origin. The Unit No.2 has already been completed and commissioned and it went into commercial production with effect from 1st January, 1998. The Unit No.2 has been planned to produce both heavy and light count yarn.
The company has successfully established a diversified market for its products and these are exported to EEC countries, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, India and Australia. The company enjoys wide reputation for quality products.
Northern Jute Manufacturing Company Limited is a Public Limited Company. The company is listed with Dhaka Stock 

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